Set up and take down videos

Tradie Shadie is quick and easy to set up and take down. To see just how easy, take a look at these videos below.

How to Setup?

How to Pack up?

Setting up on Site

One person set up and take down

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Frequently Asked Questions

With your purchase of the standard Tradie Shadie, you will receive the canopy, frame and carry bag. You can purchase the complete Tradie Shadie set, which includes the Canopy, Frame, Carry Bag, two Clear Weather Sides small and large, two Yellow weather sides small and large, tent pegs and guide ropes.

Tradie Shadie is designed to be versatile. Unlike currently available gazebo or tent options which are large and cumbersome, Tradie Shadie folds out to be the perfect size for one or two people to use on a worksite. Because of this, it is ideal for use by any tradespeople when they are on a job – whether that be working on a fuse box or managing traffic for roadworks.

Tradie Shadie has many applications – it can be used any time you need protection from the weather. This could be on the side of a football oval on a rainy winter’s day, or at your local markets in the summer sun.

The complete Tradie Shadie pack weighs only 14 kg.

Tradie Shadie provides coverage of 1m by 1.93m amount of space to work when set up. When packed up in its carry bag, Tradie Shadie is only 20cm wide, 28cm high and 137cm long.

Of course. We have a full range of spare parts available through our online store. If there is something else, shoot us a message and we will be happy to help.

Tradie Shadie and accessories are covered by a 12-month warranty.

If you are ordering more than 5 units, please contact us directly for a freight quote so we can investigate other options for you. The freight pricing given through checkout can overestimate the freight cost for larger orders.

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